15 Best Dash Cams For Sale

15 Best Dash Cams for Sale in 2017

Dash cameras are becoming increasingly more popular over the last couple of years, and for good reason. A dash cam is a simply a smaller digital camera that can be mounted to the dashboard of your vehicle and set to record whenever the car is running. There are also models that have both a front and rear dash cam in order to cover both ends of the vehicle. Installing a dash cam protects you and provides hard evidence for courts and insurance agencies in the case of an accident. Dash cams are capable of providing evidence of things such as speed, direction, driver behavior, and more, as well as proving who was at fault in the case of an accident and guarding against illegal activity. If you spend a lot of time on the road, a dash cam is well worth the investment in order to protect yourself, one relatively small purchase now can protect you for a lifetime. If you’re looking into buying a dash cam, read our reviews below about the 15 best dash cams to buy in 2017.

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Top 5 Overall Dash Cams to Buy

Rexing V1 2.4” Dash Cam

Rexing V1P Dash Cam

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The Rexing V1P is Rexing’s flagship model. With users claiming that it’s video quality is capable of one-upping the GoPro’s Hero HD, you’ve gotta wonder… especially for a dash cam. The Rexing V1P comes equipped with a fully 1080p HD camera on a 2.4” LCD screen.

The camera records in, as mentioned, 1080P HD at a stellar 30 frames per second. Needless to say, the Rexing V1P is notable for it’s pristine, and clear video quality. The Rexing V1P comes with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), which allows the camera to perform better in low-light situations without any adjustment. This dash cam in particular comes with a 170-degree lens that is severely lacking when it comes to dash cams, and their competitors.

The Rexing V1P supports up to 128GB on a Micro SD card (not included). On a 32GB memory card, you can record up to 5.5 hours of 1080P HD video, and approximately 10 hours at 720P recording. We highly recommend, though, that you choose the 1080P option when recording and upgrade your Micro SD card to accommodate the superior technology of this dash cam. Details are important!

The Rexing V1P dash cam has all these amazing features, and more. On top of everything we’ve already discussed, let’s get into some more unique features this dash cam provides. Loop recording is a feature that the Rexing V1P offers that helps you optimize the data, and maintain your space accordingly. It comes in intervals of 3, 5, or 10 minutes. On top of Loop recording, the Rexing V1P dash cam has a G-sensor that will automatically detect a collision, and will lock the video immediately to file, and protect the important data. Data that could provide the necessary proof in a dire situation!

At the end of the day, we’d have to mount this bad boy right at the top of our windshield, and recommend the Rexing V1P as our top choice of 2017 in dash cams!

YI 2.7” Full HD Dash Cam

YI 2.7" Full HD Dash Cam

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There isn’t many budget dash cams that we’d recommend, but this is one is for sure on our list of best dash cams of 2017. Meet the YI 2.7” Full HD, with a built-in 2.7” FULL HD screen.

The YI 2.7” dash cam is powerful, and it’s video quality is pristine. It has a 1920x1080p 60 frames per second (FPS) camera, that is capable of capturing fast moving scenes. Dash cams generally only come in 30 FPS. If you’re in a predicament where someone, or something is moving FAST, and an accident occurs, the 60 FPS will give you more clear frames to understand what had actually happened. This is a HUGE benefit of this dash cam, and shouldn’t be overlooked. On top of the 60 FPs, the YI 2.7” dash cam has a 165 degree ultra-wide angle capturing angles that some of it’s more expensive competitors cannot match.

The YI 2.7” dash cam does indeed have a G-sensor allowing for footage to automatically save giving you the ability to see the moments leading up to the accident, as well as the accident. We recommend not buying a dash cam that does not have this feature. The YI 2.7” comes with built-in software, with large buttons, that will allow you to quickly change settings on the dash cam.

One downfall of the YI 2.7” dash cam, is that it doesn’t come with a MicroSD Card, which makes the price a little bit more expensive. However, this dash cam packs a punch and ranks out our best dash cams review at number five!

Z-Edge Z3 3”

Z-Edge Z3 Dash 3" Cam

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The Z-Edge Z3 comes in a close second to the Rexing V1P dash cam, in our list of best dash cams of 2017. It’s recording quality is absolutely absurd. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look further into this dash cam.

The Z-Edge Z3 dash cam is packing ULTRA 2k HD, in 2560x1080p at 30 frames per second. This tops the 1920x1080p that the Rexing V1P brings to the table. That extra quality could become the deciding factor if a situation does indeed arise. It also brings a 145 degree field-of-view to the table (FOV), allowing for better video of the road ahead of your vehicle. The camera quality on this dash cam is a huge selling point.

The Z-Edge Z3 has a lot of signature safeguards. When you power on your vehicle, the dash cam will automatically begin recording. When the vehicle is powered off, the recording will end. This dash cam DOES come with loop recording which is very important when considering how small it’s SD memory card is (32 GB).  

Finally, as an extra bonus, the Z-Edge Z3 dash cam’s most amazing feature, in our opinion, is the parking mode watchdog. The dash cam will have 24/7 surveillance of your vehicle when setup.. Someone silly enough to walk in front of your car before breaking in? Good. This dash cam is going to catch the perpetrator!

Certainly a worthy contender if you’re capable of getting over the lack of field of view (FOV) the Z-Edge Z3 dash cam has to offer.

Lumina 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle

Lumina 1080p 170 Degree Wide Angle Dash Cam

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The Lumina 1080p comes in third, but certainly not last, in our review of best dash cams of 2017. This dash cam, like the Rexing V1P, brings a 170 degree wide angle camera. Another huge selling point for the Lumina 1080p dash cam, is the sleek design of it. Who doesn’t like looking at gorgeous design? We surely do!

Less expensive, but certainly not less powerful. The Lumina 1080p brings full-HD 1080p recording with H. 264 photograph compression technology that will ensure that your recordings remain clear, pristine, and super detailed. This is one of the best dash cams simply because of the 170 degree field of view (FOV) it brings to the table. You have a dash cam to see recordings of what you’ve previously experienced, right? Well, it doesn’t help when a dash cam only sees ¼ of what the Lumina 1080p is capable of.

Lumina 1080p comes with a built-in gravity sensor that will detect sudden motion from an auto accident, or an accident that allows the dash cam to automatically record, and lock the footage to ensure that no footage is lost. This dash cam could be the difference between being blamed for an accident, or being cleared.

Keep in mind, the Lumina 1080p is powered by a cigarette lighter charging cord. Prior to your order, make sure that you have one available to power this dash cam. The Lumina 1080p dash cam will only be able to hold a very slight charge before running out of power while unplugged. No one wants to wait to use their new toy!

KDLINKS X1 Full-HD Dash Cam

KDLINKS X1 Full HD Dash Cam

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The KDLINKS X1, however more expensive, will certainly not disappoint. It has a few features that a lot of other dash cams don’t have.

The KDLINKS X1 dash cam’s best feature is the built-in GPS module. It will precisely record GPS data into the dash cam’s video clips, where it will allow you to check vehicle location, speed, route on Google Map through KDLINKS’ dash cam player software. Step back and think about this for a little bit. There’s so many different uses for this feature. Are you traveling, and you passed by some terrain that you want to explore? Use the KDLINKS X1 software to figure out exactly where that terrain is, and explore.

The camera on the KDLINKS X1 dash cam is pretty standard. Full-HD 1920x1080p, at 30 fps. It’s screen size is approximately 2.7”, which is fairly large into it’s competitors. The KDLINKS X1 does have a higher field of view (FOV) than most dash cams coming in at 165 degrees. It will also automatically record hands-free in a continuous loop.

Like the other top competitors, the KDLINKS X1 dash cam does come with a G-sensor that will automatically lock video for you when an accident occurs. It will also come with a 8GB Micro SD Card. We do recommend upgrading this to one with a bit more storage, but it is one of the few dash cams that does come out of the box with readily available storage.

More expensive, but you are getting other features out of the KDLINKS X1 that other dash cams aren’t capable of offering which is why we’re putting the KDLINKS X1 at fourth.


Best Budget Dash Cams

Not having the highest budget in the world doesn’t mean you have to give up the comfort and safety that a dash cam provides you in your vehicle. There are a number of great budget dash cam options on the market for those looking for a more affordable solution. While these budget dash cams may be lacking some of the fancy bells and whistles features that the more expensive alternatives provide, they still offer everything you need to get the job done. These dash cams are all capable of recording in 1080p quality and protecting you in the event of an accident or legal claim. Check out our list of the top five budget dash cams for sale in 2017 below:

Amebay 2.4” 1080p Dash Cam

Amebay 1080p Dash Cam

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In-expensive, yet effective. That is where the Amebay 2.4 dash cam excels. This dash cam comes with 1080p recording, as well as a 16GB, up to 32GB, Micro SD card (most dash cams don’t come with SD cards, so this is a huge added bonus, especially with the Amebay’s lower retail value). The  Amebay 2.4 provides you with a 2.4” LCD that it’s 1080p video is displayed on.

The Amebay 2.4 has a 140 degree high-grade resolution lens that allows you to see everything in front of you. To compare, the Rexing V1P dash cam, significantly more expensive, provides you with a 170 degree angle. Not quite a lot more for the price difference of the dash cams. This dash cam comes with full HDMI support, allowing you to plug the camera into a HDMI port to see pictures on a potentially larger screen.

The Amebay 2.4 dash cam supports a G-sensor. If you are unfamiliar, the G-sensor detects G-forces which will allow the camera to automatically detect a change in direction (i.e. hard braking, being hit and spinning, etc). It’ll then tell the dash cam to make note of that and lock the feed. On top of this, the camera comes with loop recording for energy efficiency, and anti-shake with motion detection.

We put the Amebay 2.4 dash cam at the top because it offers so much that so many more expensive dash cams offer, but at a fraction of the price.

Falcon Zero F170HD+ 1080P

Falcon Zero 1080p Budget Dash Cam

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The Falcon Zero F170 could be argued as one of the best dash cams on the market. It’s sleek, and sexy design will get anyone excited to buy a dash cam.  It offers full 1080p HD video at 30 frames per second (FPS), with a 170 degree angle matching that of it’s competitors. It’s price is actually significantly less than listed per the dash cam actually coming with a micro SD card. Even the least expensive micro SD cards will run you around $10.99, so make sure you take that into account when purchasing the Falcon Zero F170.

Our favorite feature of the Falcon Zero F170 dash cam is that it is capable of taking HD photos, with enhanced image quality. Looking for someone’s license plate? Snap a photo of it instead of replaying the video several times to write it down.

The Falcon Zero F170 comes with motion detection recording while parked. Get hit while not in your vehicle? No problem! This dash cam, with it’s 170 degree angle view will make sure that you’re covered. No more hit and runs! It also offers a f/2.0 Six-Glass Lens with Night-Vision making recording while driving at night less worrisome.

Overall, the Falcon Zero F170 dash cam is a close second behind the Amebay 2.4. We took the Amebay 2.4 over the Falcon Zero F170 simply because of the price. You won’t be disappointed with our second ranked best dash cam of 2017!

Black Box G1W-C

Black Box G1W-C

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The Black Box G1W-C dash cam isn’t well known for it’s sleek design. Quite frankly, it looks like a webcam, but this dash cam certainly gets the job done. This dash cam offers something that most others don’t offer. It has a 2.7” LCD display recording at 1080p, 30 frames per second (FPS), but it also offers 720p at 60FPS. This is super important because the more frames your video is displaying at, will determine how much more smooth it is. No choppiness from your dash cam video will allow you to potentially see something 30FPS wouldn’t.

The Black Box G1W-C dash cam comes with a suction mount, allowing you to attach it to any flat surface within your vehicle. It also comes with industry standard G-sensor allowing you to record any sudden braking, impact, rapid acceleration, or sharp cornering. The Black Box G1W-C will automatically begin recording on car start, and turn off on when your vehicle powers down.

The Black Box G1W-C offers a different power source than most other dash cams. It is a capacitor based model, that doesn’t rely on a battery. It features much higher heat resistance as well as a longer lifespan in comparison to it’s competitors that use a battery.

Overall, you will not be able to go wrong with the Black Box G1W-C dash cam as it ranks third in our best dash cam review of 2017.

Wicked HD CARDVR 1080p

Wicked HD CARDVR 1080p Dash Cam

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The Wicked HD CARDVR dash cam is exactly that, wicked. It offers 1080p HD video on a 2.7” high-resolution LCD screen. The dash cam allows for instant video playback, and downloadable video. There is no need to worry about where you’re going to mount it, because it comes with a suction mount that is capable of suctioning to any flat surface.

A huge plus to the Wicked HD CARDVR is that it records the in-car audio to match with the dash cam video. This can be important for obvious reasons. You get in an accident, and you may see it coming. Well, you will have the evidence of whomever is in the car speaking about what is happening on the road. The dash cam is capable of holding up to 32GB of storage, and offers loop recording that will overwrite any video files when the capacity is reached.

A few cons of the Wicked HD CARDVR that we noticed is that the battery is very, very limited. It runs on it’s internal battery for only a few minutes. It does, however, come with a cord that allows you to plug directly into the dash cam using the cigarette lighter within the car.

Auto-Vox D2 Full-HD

Auto Vox D2 Budget Dash Cam

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The Auto-Vox D2 dash cam has everything that it’s top competitors have, but a fraction of the price. It comes with a 2.7” LCD display, that displays and records at 1080p that aims to clearly capture your journeys, memories, or most importantly, evidence of a in a traffic accident. The Auto-Vox D2 allows for loop recording so that you don’t have to constantly switch out SD cards because yours is full.

One of our favorite things about the Auto-Vox D2 dash cam is how simplistic, and easy to use it really is. There is 3 buttons on the dash cam that allow for this to happen. One that will lock videos that you like, enjoy, or need to capture for evidence. The second button on the dash cam allows you to turn the screen off when you’re driving at night so you won’t be blinded. And, the third on the Auto-Vox D2 will mute the audio when you need your “private” time. That’s it. Certainly don’t have to worry about anything complex, the dash cam will do the rest.

The  Auto-Vox D2 dash cam offers Parking mode recording which will allow you to *keep an eye* on your vehicle, while not being at your vehicle. There’s going to be no more hit and runs when you’re “employing” this dash cam. The Auto-Vox D2 will also automatically turn on and off respectively of what you are doing with your vehicle.

Best Front and Rear Dash Cams

The benefit of front and rear dash cam setups is quite obvious in that you can record both what is happening in front of and behind your vehicle. While these front and rear dash cam setups do tend to be on the more expensive side of things, they offer a level of security and protection you just won’t find in a single dash cam setup. While a single dash cam helps greatly to provide evidence in case of an accident, it will only record what is going on in one direction from the vehicle. These setups are worth their weight in gold for being able to record everything happening around your vehicle and protecting you in any accident or legal claim. If you are looking for the highest level of protection possible, we highly recommend investing in a true front and rear dash cam setup. Below you’ll find our five favorite front and rear dash cam setups to buy in 2017.

Blackvue DR650S-2CH Front and Rear Dash Cam

Blackvue DR650S-2CH Front and Rear Dash Cam

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The Blackvue DR650S-2CH is our preferred model for a front and rear dash cam setup. While this model is on the expensive side compared to some of the other front and rear dash cam setups, it more than makes up for that price with capabilities and features. This discreet dash cam fits easily behind the rear view mirror and is rather discreet. Despite the small stature, the DR650S-2CH is packed full of benefits.

The Blackvue DR650S-2CH features a 2 megapixel CMOS sensor and records in full HD 1080P from the front camera and HD 720P from the rear camera. This allows the dash cam setup to record fluid videos in a satisfying 30fps from both ends of your vehicle at a 129 degree angle of view. This front and rear dash cam setup also offers multiple recording modes (Normal/Event/Parking) and switches between these automatically depending on circumstances. Recorded videos are marked with their respective recording mode allowing users to easily sort through files when necessary.

Z-EDGE S3 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Z Edge S3 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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The Z-Edge S3 dash cam is the second Z-Edge to be ranked number two. If nothing else, they’re consistent in our review of best dash cams of 2017. Everyone likes consistency.

The Z-Edge S3 offers Ultra HD 1440p Front Cam, and a 1080p Rear 150 degree Wide Angle Dual Lens. You’re never going to miss a license plate with that sort of quality. The rear dash cam on the Z-Edge S3 also offers you a scratch-resistant screen insuring that you won’t have to purchase another rear dash cam for this model.

This dash cam comes with WDR Technology that allows you to compensate for light, and dark spots as well as balance exposure. The Z-Edge S3 features a six glass lense for superior video quality while you are driving at night. Never worry about not getting that license plate because it’s too dark out!

The Z-Edge S3 dash cam offers you various automatic safeguards. It will begin recording on vehicle start, and will turn off on with the ignition. The Z-Edge S3 provides you with automatic loop recording for efficient energy storage, as well as the ability to manually and automatically delete portions of your video to save precious memory space.

The Z-Edge S3 doesn’t come with a SD card so make sure that you are buying one to insure that you have no wait on using this beautiful dash cam.

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD Front and Rear Dash Cam

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At 1080p, 720p rear, the KDLINKS DX2 packs a punch. But, it doesn’t stop there. Let’s learn more about this dash cam.

The KDLINKS DX2 dash cam’s 1080p front camera, and 720p rear camera record at an impressive 30 frames per second (FPS). The dash cam’s front camera is approx. 165 degrees where the rear camera is 125 degrees for a total of 290 degrees. It offers incredible night-vision with it’s F1.6 Six-glass lenses, as well Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) video system.

The KDLINKS DX2 dash cam offers an emergency- lock button, and a G-sensor that will allow for automatic accident detection. The dash cam will lock the current video file for you so that you don’t have to worry about losing your valuable footage.

This dash cam comes with a High quality Li-polymer 3.7v 110mAh battery that can withstand both high and low temperatures, with official MSDS reports in the most strict environments.  On top of the safety of the battery, if anything does happen to the KDLINKS DX2, you will have a 1 year dash cam warranty.

For a high-quality, simple to install dash cam, you should give the KDLINKS DX2 a try.

KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Front and Rear Dash Cam

KDLINKS R100 Front and Rear Dash Cam

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The KDLINKS R100 Ultra dash cam sure does get the job done with an industry leading 1296P front cam quality, and 1080p back camera quality. This bad boy won’t miss a thing on the road. The KDLINKS R100 offers an astounding 280 degree wide angle making sure that, on top of it’s video quality, you literally will be able to see everything!

The KDLINKS R100 is packaged with an industry leading 5” IPS screen with super slim, and sleek design. The dash cam comes from the retailer with a 16GB Micro SD Card making the price even more affordable. The KDLINKS R100 is capable of holding up to 64GB, or a 128GB card. Most other dash cam models are only capable of 32GB. This is especially important because the dash cam offers an advanced parking mode recording option that allows the KDLINKS R100 to detect any movement. When the movement is detected, it’ll start recording for a short period of time. More protection when away from your car is certainly not a bad thing!

This dash cam also offers Superior Night-vision by a world class Six-Glass lens, and a unique WDR dash cam video system that is similar to the HDR technology produced in regular cameras.

With all that said, the KDLINKS R100 comes with a one year warranty to cover any dash cam related hardware issues, and first class customer support. If you’re on the market for a dash cam, look no further than the KDLINKS R100 as we rank it in our top 5 best front and rear dash cams of 2017.

PowerLead Puda D003 Front and Rear Dash Cam

Powerlead Puda D003

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The PowerLead Puda dash dam is a one-of-a-kind monstrosity. Packing a punch at 1080p Front, and Back Cameras, it provides pristine, and clear pictures for your viewing pleasure. This dash cam offers a 170 degree front camera, and a 120 degree back camera totalling 290 degrees of visibility. Miss nothing, see everything.

The PowerLead Puda dash cam has a built-in emergency lock button, and accident auto detection software that will lock the current video if an accident occurs. A slight drawback to the camera, though, is the microSD card is only capable of holding up to 32GB where some of these other dash cams are capable of going up to 128GB of data.

One amazing feature it has, though, is the super night vision mode with HD capability. The 6 glass lens with 1 infrared filter, that is designed to prevent fogging on the dash cam after long sessions, and will make sure that your dash cam doesn’t miss anything at night. Is it raining? Is it foggy? Is it night time? It doesn’t mater. The PowerLead Puda dash cam will capture all video.